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Intensive Relief Rub

Our chemists developed an effective cream by combining CBD with essential oils to deeply penetrate affected areas. This is ultra-concentrated with 1,000 mg of CBD per OUNCE for maximum effectiveness. Member price: $49
Intensive Relief Rub – single unit dose (3 ml). Member price $2.50 each sold as a 6 pack for $15.00
BioEDefense Sanitizer

This Powerful sanitizer starts with a 70% alcohol base to meet CDC safety guidelines and adds a special combination of essential oils fortified with 50 mg of CBD per ounce. 4 oz $8, 2 oz $6
Gummies are an excellent & popular delivery mechanism for drugs and vitamins. Ours come in a variety of flavors and strengths providing an economical and effective way to get a daily dose of CBD. Member price $15.00 per bag for 21 gummies – 20 mg of CBD and just one gram of sugar each!
Sample Pack – 5 adult gum drops. Member Price: $5
Tinctures – naturally flavored with Terpenes, 1200 mg CBD & 3,000 mg CBD. Member price $29.00 and $49.00